• STATUS UPDATE - November 30, 2020


  •  Small Business Grant Applications

  • RE:  Update on Status of $400 million Small Business Grant Application


    I wanted to provide you with an update on the status of SD CARES Small Business Grant Applications that are being processed by the South Dakota Bureau of Finance and Management. 


    1.     Applicants should expect to receive a check in mid-December if an application had all the required information and it is determined to be eligible for a grant.


    2.     Should an additional piece of information be needed to complete the application, or when a clarification is required, the applicant will receive a request for that information at the email address used to apply for the grant.


    3.     To avoid delay or possible rejection of a grant application, check that email address frequently, including junk/spam folders, to determine if a request for clarifying information has been sent.  Business are strongly urged respond promptly to any emails they receive to keep their application eligible.


    4.     Applicants can check the status of their grant by logging into the grant portal at https://sdcovidhelp.force.com/Grants/s/login/.  Use the email address and password used to apply for the grant to log-in.  Click “APPLICATION” in the menu at the top left of the portal home page.  Under the column “APPLICATION STATUS”, if the status is shown as “RETURNED”, applicants should immediately check their email, including junk/spam, to learn what information needs to be clarified. 


    5.     Delayed applications are still eligible for funding once the required information is clarified.  However, all grant funds must be disbursed by December 30, which will be the last “drop dead” date of receiving a grant payment. 


    If you are unable to find an email regarding a “RETURNED” application, or need other assistance, call the SD CARES Grant Hotline at 605-937-7243 for assistance.


    As Always, David


    David Lambert

    Mitchell Area Chamber and Development

  • Mitchell Area Development Corporation