• Palace City Profile: The Sherburn’s changing seasons of life

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    MITCHELL — Navigating Midwest winters has been one of the biggest challenge for South Dakota newcomers, Ileana and Ian Sherburn, but the changing seasons have been an experience they’ve enjoyed since moving their family from southern California to Mitchell. Coming up on their one-year mark of March 22, Ileana reflects on her family’s last year in Mitchell and the blessings they have encountered in that time.

    "So far we are loving it!"

    When the family is not at work or school, or attending to daily chores, they enjoy exploring the outdoors and discovering all of God’s beautiful creations. They feel that born and raised Mid-westerners take the four seasons for granted, while it’s been something new for them to marvel.

    From looking for creepy crawlies through the autumn leaves or seeing everything come to life in the spring, including cicada wasps, hummingbird moths, and caterpillars transforming into butterflies, they admit, these are things they previously didn’t appreciate. They especially love the warm summer nights making s’mores in the backyard and enjoying the night sky.

    “We’ve never seen this many stars before,” shared Ileana.

    The Sherburns have two children, John, 7; and Bonnie, 3. Their family wouldn’t be complete without their beloved furry pets: Chico the chihuahua, Suzy the terrier, Cali the 8-month-old German shepherd puppy, and last, but not least, their kitty, Popis.

    Although the Sherburns enjoy a low-key, "chill life" at home, they have found ways to integrate into the Mitchell community. Ian works for KlockWerks as a brand specialist. Aside from the fact that it is a faith-based company, Ian enjoys working at KlockWerks because the company is known for producing some of the best motorcycle parts in the industry.

    "I love the core culture that the company holds within. The custom builds and the history the company has in the motorcycle industry. This company is full of genuine people who care for one another. In difficult times, we band together, and in good times, we celebrate," Ian shared. “We couldn’t ask to be in a better state, city, or company.”

    While Ileana calls herself a "SAHM," or stay-at-home mom. She integrates into the community by attending local events and enjoying the company of new friends.

    The Sherburns describe Mitchell as a quiet, slow-paced place and a family oriented town, a place where you see many hardworking families living the "love thy neighbor" type of life, which they love. The Sherburns are Christians, and since moving to Mitchell they feel that they can openly share their love of their faith with others. Overall, they feel Mitchell is a safe place to raise their family and where the kids can play outside and just be kids.

    "Moving here has been a blessing. It’s made us appreciate our seasonal life, and it has taught us to not miss a moment of enjoying what we have been given.”

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