• Life’s path brought them together in Mitchell

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    After meeting on the dating app Hinge and on a first date at Big Dummies in downtown Mitchell playing darts, Hannah Horn and Hunter Mulligan began their relationship.
    Hannah is a traveled individual, living in Melbourne, Australia, for a year, then moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a couple of years before moving back to Yankton, SD, where she was born and raised. Hannah also lived in Vermillion, SD, during college. She moved to Mitchell in August of 2021, five months after Hunter did.
    Hunter is a Nebraska native. Born in Valentine, raised in Lincoln, and then moved to Omaha for college and after moving to Mitchell to work for Klock Werks in March 2021. Hunter attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and double concentrations in marketing and management.
    “I originally was going to college for accounting, because math and numbers are easy for me, and it was a secure career field. After a few years, I decided accounting wasn’t for me and switched my concentration to marketing and management. But low and behold, I’ve been in accounting my whole post college career,” Hunter explained. 
    “I moved to Mitchell to start a new career in sourcing and accounting at Klock Werks.”  Hunter says, “What I do may be different from day to day.”  “Some days are spent at events across the country selling our product and spreading our brand. Some days are spent helping get new products packaged and ready to sell. It is really interesting …I have met some really cool fun people and had countless unforgettable experiences.”
    One of Hunter and Hannah’s favorite memories of Mitchell is working at the 2021 Palace City Pre-Sturgis party with Hunter’s father and the Klock Werk family.
    And what does Hannah do in Mitchell? She works remotely for Accura Health Care, based in Des Moines, IA. A career brought Hunter to Mitchell; starting a family with Hunter is what brought Hannah. They are expecting a baby girl this June and plan to call her Evelyn. A wedding in the Black Hills is also on tap for September. In the meantime, Hannah has taken to knitting and baking and spending time with friends and family. 
    Together, Hunter and Hannah spend time traveling back to Omaha to be with family. Hunter adds, “We enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, whether walking our two dogs, Cooper, a King Charles Spaniel; and Margie, a Golden Doodle, or on a nice motorcycle ride.”  Hunter also likes to try out the golf courses when the weather is nice.
    As far as indoor activities go, Hunter and Hannah have attended North Ridge Baptist church, love driving around Mitchell and the surrounding areas, and spending time indoors, where they say, “it’s cozy and warm, and catching up on some Netflix and Hulu.”
    Hunter and Hannah describe Mitchell as, “a little big town. Small town atmosphere, big town amenities.” They would love to see more fun places to socialize in Mitchell, “like maybe a brewery, patio restaurants downtown and a clean lake.”
    The housing market has been challenging for them, but Hunter says, “that’s a challenge everywhere now.”  “We’re hoping to find a great home we can really set our roots in and grow here.”
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