• Finding Home in Mitchell: The Vogl’s Journey of Connection and Community

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    Written by: Alex Heidinger, Chamber Director
    Interview by: Doreen Nelson, Community Concierge
    Editor’s Note: Palace City Profiles is an ongoing series of community members’ stories, introducing us to our neighbors and the personalities that call Mitchell home. If you have suggestions for individuals or families with a great story, please contact Doreen Nelson at 996-1140 or doreen@mitchellsd.com.
    Sarah Vogl, along with her husband Chris and their two vibrant children, Frazier and Lennyn, embarked on an adventure that led them to the heart of Mitchell. In a quaint exploration through Sarah’s lens, we dive into their journey, from the serendipitous beginnings of their love story to the warm embrace of Mitchell’s community spirit.

    The Vogl’s tale begins in the vast landscapes of Wyoming and Nebraska, where Sarah and Chris, fueled by their respective dreams, found themselves intertwined in the corridors of Chadron State College. Fate, it seemed, had drawn them together as they nurtured young minds at a daycare center. Little did they know their journey would lead them to Mitchell.

    The decision to settle in Mitchell was not happenstance but a meticulously crafted choice born out of thorough exploration. Chris, a skilled general surgeon, was courted by the local hospital, offering not just a job, but a world of possibilities. Sarah, an educator at heart, found herself drawn to Mitchell's school district, envisioning a nurturing environment for her teaching career to flourish.

    Upon their arrival, Mitchell unfolded its arms, revealing a friendly and sport-oriented community. The Vogel’s found the city presented a lot of opportunities for kids with a great centralized location with things to do in every direction. Being able to easily travel to both of their hometowns and Husker games frequently is a major perk. They enjoy the small-town vibe, genuine people, and array of kids’ activities. Sarah and her family found themselves immersed in classic experiences of Mitchell like local events such as 1st Fridays on Main, Safe Place’s Night at the Races, and the Avera Race for the Cure, as well as the savory delights of neighborhood eateries like Los Three Amigos and Cattlemen’s.

    Sarah’s engagement with the community transcended mere existence; it became a testament to her commitment to enriching lives. Through her involvement in school committees and her dedication to nurturing future educators at Dakota Wesleyan University by inviting them into her classroom for practicum and student teaching, she wove herself seamlessly into the fabric of Mitchell’s educational landscape.
    Chris, too, found his calling beyond the operating theater. With a fervent passion for oncology care, he lent his expertise to local initiatives, such as the Avera Race for the Cure and Cancer Survivor Day event. His dedication to enhancing breast oncology care underscored a deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of Mitchell’s residents.

    As their lives intertwined with Mitchell’s heartbeat, Sarah and Chris discovered newfound passions. From the adrenaline rush of CrossFit to the tranquil embrace of the hiking and biking trails around Lake Mitchell, they embraced the city’s offerings with open arms, forging connections that go beyond mere residency.

    Reflecting on their journey, Sarah offers valuable advice to newcomers considering Mitchell as their new home. She praises the virtues of community engagement, urging newcomers to immerse themselves fully in the city’s tapestry of events and organizations. And yet, in a message not unheard from other locals and newcomers alike, she wishes for a broader array of dining experiences to tantalize the taste buds.
    From Chris’s perspective, he reflects on their collective endeavors in Mitchell. His words resonate with a profound sense of purpose, echoing the sentiment that life in Mitchell is not just about existing but thriving, contributing, and leaving an indelible mark on the city they now call home.

    Sarah, Chris, and their children have woven themselves into the very fabric of Mitchell, their story a testament to the city’s allure and the boundless opportunities it holds. As they continue to navigate life, their journey serves as an inspiration to newcomers, beckoning them to discover the heart of Mitchell and all its wondrous possibilities.
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