• Bobbi Anderberg: Embracing Change in Mitchell

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    Written by: Alex Heidinger, Chamber Director 

    Interview by: Doreen Nelson, Community Concierge 

    Editor’s Note: Palace City Profiles is an ongoing series of community members’ stories, introducing us to our neighbors and the personalities that call Mitchell home. If you have suggestions for individuals or families with a great story, please contact Doreen Nelson at 996-1140 or doreen@mitchellsd.com. 


    Meet Bobbi Anderberg, a vibrant woman with a heart full of stories, who recently embarked on a new chapter in her life in the charming city of Mitchell. Married to Kyle for three blissful years, the Anderberg family includes three wonderful children - Owen Burgess (17), Benjamin (2), and Charlotte (1) - as well as two furry companions, Jack and Sirius. 

    Bobbi and Kyle's serendipitous encounter at O'Malley's Irish Pub in Yankton marked the beginning of a beautiful love story that would soon lead them to a place that felt like home. 

    Originally from Mitchell, Bobbi spent 16 years away before returning last summer. The motivation behind the family's move was Kyle's commitment to the Army National Guard, specifically the 665 unit based in Mitchell. His passion for the job and the desire to establish roots in the community prompted their decision to call Mitchell home. 

    Upon their arrival, Bobbi noticed the positive changes that had taken place in Mitchell since her departure. However, the journey wasn't without its challenges, including the initial struggle to find housing and daycare options, a testament to the city's popularity. 

    Despite the hurdles, Bobbi and her family have found joy in the welcoming atmosphere of Mitchell. The community's warmth and the abundance of opportunities for growth have made their transition a rewarding experience. 

    Active participants in local events and organizations, the Anderberg family frequents the farmer's market, First Fridays on Main, and newcomer events, fostering connections within the community. Bobbi, enrolled in the Mitchell Leadership Class, has discovered a multitude of ways to engage with her new surroundings. 

    Bobbi's zest for life is reflected in her diverse interests, ranging from playing darts to kayaking and enjoying family walks. Mitchell has provided her with ample opportunities to explore these hobbies further. 

    As a property manager for Mills Property Management, Bobbi oversees various apartments, contributing to her community's growth. Kyle, a full-time wheeled vehicle mechanic for the Army National Guard, finds fulfillment in his work at CSMS#1. 

    Bobbi's top three favorites in Mitchell include the Prehistoric Indian Village, Board n Brush, and the Rodeo Chili Cook-Off. The Scoreboard claims the title of her favorite restaurant, while Crazy About Cupcakes is a must-visit spot. She also mentions Game Changer Nutrition is her favorite place for shakes and teas, with Val always ready to greet you with a smile. The Corn Palace Festival holds a special place in her heart as a memorable local event. 

    For those considering a move to Mitchell, Bobbi's advice is simple yet profound - "Come to Mitchell and see the possibilities." She encourages newcomers to embrace the potential this community holds. 

    In reflecting on her experiences, Bobbi expresses her gratitude for the welcoming spirit of Mitchell. "If you have an idea, ambition, and the will, Mitchell is the place to make it happen," she shares, encapsulating the sense of possibility that defines her family's journey. 

    As Bobbi Anderberg and her family continue to weave their story into the fabric of Mitchell, their tale serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking a place to call home, a community that embraces change, and a canvas on which dreams can be painted. 

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