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Complete Career Center

Complete Career Center, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company based in Mitchell. CCC specializes in recruiting, screening, and procuring the best possible candidates for their client businesses.

1315 W. Havens

Cornerstones Career Learning Center

Cornerstones Career Learning Center works to assess, promote, and provide education and employment training services. These include adult education, literacy programs, English as Second Language, and technology literacy programs.

1315 N. Main Street, Suite 102

Mitchell Department of Labor & Regulation

Helping people find jobs in a big part of the SD Department of Labor and Regulation’s job. The Mitchell DLR office provides staff and resources dedicated to helping you find the job you want and need.

Dakota Roots

Dakota Roots is a program dedicated to bringing individuals, employers, and state government resources together to help provide the connections that will turn your dreams of living in South Dakota into reality.

Cost of Living

Quality of life meets low cost of living in Mitchell. In fact, South Dakota is one of the most affordable places to live in the country. Compare states side-by-side on the Real Wage Calculator, or see how much more your dollar is worth in South Dakota.