We Are Here

Welcome to the Mitchell difference!

To arrive by vehicle:

Mitchell is located at the intersection of SD Highway 37 and Interstate 90, inclusive of Interstate exits 332 and 330.

To arrive by air:

Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD)
2801 N. Jaycee Lane, Sioux Falls, SD – 65 minutes away

Commercial service from

  • Frontier
  • Delta
  • United
  • American Airlines

Upon arrival, drive southeast on N. Jaycee Lane; turn left onto N. Minnesota Avenue; Turn left onto W. 60th Street; Merge onto I-29 N. From I-29, take exit 84B onto I-90 West. Arrive in Mitchell through exit 332 or 330.

Mitchell Municipal Airport5971 Hangar Road, Mitchell, SD – just north of Lake Mitchell

Private aircraft service