• Customer Service Design Engineer

    Trail King Industries
    Job Description
    Objective of Position: Provide design efforts from inception through production both in new product design and in existing product design.
    Principal Responsibilities:
    1. Review customer orders, supplied drawings, etc. to determine if the project order has complete information.
    2. Perform all necessary calculations such as stress analysis, performance analysis, etc. as required.
    3. Prepare design proposal (s) for repairs and/or customer add-on requests.
    4. Interact with production personnel to define and solve manufacturing/design issues and implement cost reduction ideas regarding our products.
    5. Perform liaison functions between Sales, Engineering, and all manufacturing operations for any related issues, problems, or improvements.
    6. Work with the Customer Service and Quality Department to define problem areas and implement product improvements based on customer repair/rejection concerns.
    7. Participate in engineering and general design review as required.
    8. Refine and complete designs after design review meetings.
    9. Prepare proposal documentation and installation instructions as required.
    10. Interact with customers on engineering design and any questions/problems they may have.
    11. Keep the supervisor advised of work status, workload, problems, and progress as related to work assignments.
    12. Performs other duties as may be required.
    1. Bachelor’s in engineering or related discipline required
    2. 3+ years of experience in a related field preferred

    Position Qualifications:
    1. Requires a good understanding of structural mechanics and the ability to apply these principles to the design and production of our products.
    2. Must be familiar with and be able to use CAD systems, excel, etc.  Some FEA knowledge is helpful.
    3. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    4. Be able to use logic and reasoning, along with engineering calculations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches to design challenges.
    5. Must be able to take a project from start to finish with little supervision.
    6. Must possess a positive attitude and work ethic.

    Personal Trait Profile: A Design Engineer contributes to TKI and its goals by effectively communicating with customers and dealers to aid in the continual growth of Trail King Industries. Open communication at TKI is encouraged for the growth and improvement of the company and its products.  Communication, Diversity, Trust, Initiative, and Balance in this position are critical for success.


    Physical Demands & Work Environment:

    1. Physical Activity: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position. The position is sedentary in nature with minimal lifting requirements.  One must be able to see, hear, speak, sit, feel, and grasp.  This position requires sitting for long periods of time and repetitive arm movements.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.
    2. Working Conditions: Working conditions are typical of an office environment.  One does, however, need to work with a low level of surrounding noise.
    The duties described above document the general nature and level of work but are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all activities, duties, and responsibilities required of this position. Consequently, other duties may be added to this area of responsibility as required.
    EOE F/M/ Sexual Orientation/ Gender Identity/ Disabled/Vet Employer
    Drug Free Work Place

    Contact Information
  • Mitchell Area Development Corporation